Why client experience matters more now than ever

Brent Szalay

Creating a memorable client experience is crucial for building a positive reputation and attracting repeat business. Clients want to feel valued and connected the entire way, they don’t want to be treated like just another file. Long gone are the days when it was one-size-fits-all. A business that prioritises exceeding client expectations and building experiences to do that will set its law firm apart from others.

Client experience is not just the interactions a client has when seeking advice or assistance on a product or service, it goes beyond that and considers all touchpoints with the business. It’s how a client feels about all their interactions, from the first impression to the end of the job/purchase – including marketing they see before they become a client or customer, the quality of the service, the comfort and convenience of the environment of your business, and the service received after they’ve finished.

Think about the last time you had a great experience as a client or customer — remember how that experience left you feeling. Now do the same as the last time you had a poor experience as a client. Client experience leaves a lasting impression, resulting in how clients think and feel about you and your business.

A positive client experience is crucial to the success of your business. When considering how to build yours, consider these six key elements:

  1. Personalise the experience
    Make your clients or customers feel appreciated as individuals. You are trying to drive an emotional connection tailored to them, things that speak to their interests, problems and concerns. Demonstrate that you understand their individual needs. Maybe it’s simple as a birthday message, scheduling extra time for those that need a little more contact to feel comfortable or sending information relevant to them.
  2. Reduce their time & effort
    The secret is to simplify customers’ or potential customers’ lives by making things as easy as possible while still meeting their expectations. Minimise their effort and tailor the service to them. This can include scheduling meetings at times that suit them, in forums that suit them, offering flexible pricing options or using self-service tools to collect data to keep things moving without meetings.
  3. Deliver exceptional service
    Support clients and customers proactively and go above and beyond to make them feel appreciated. Be accessible and respond promptly to questions and concerns or invest in quality customer support. Deliver your services or products in ways that work for them.
  4. Demonstrate integrity & value
    Offer transparency and clear communication, keep clients and customers informed about the status of their purchase or service you are delivering at every stage and make sure they understand the process and their options. Check in to see if they understand and are satisfied with the service or product.
  5. Exceed Expectations
    Use the information you’ve collected from clients to start understanding their journey and pre-empt opportunities to engage and provide services or products where they may not have known they needed it. Proactively reach out and check in on them to see how they are going or consider another area of support you can offer where they may not have utilised your services or purchased more of your products.
  6. Listen & show empathy
    Understand your client’s circumstances, make them feel valued and that you care about their matters. Listen to their feedback and make improvements based on suggestions.

Client experience is a critical aspect of any firm, and everyone benefits from it. It is an essential investment in your future success, driving long-term client satisfaction, reputation, loyalty, advocacy, profitability, competitiveness, employee morale and retention.


Wanting to know how you currently stack up regarding your client experience?

  1. Analyse client/customer satisfaction survey results
  2. Identify the rate of and reasons for client/customer churn
  3. Ask clients for product or feature requests
  4. Analyse client support trends


This article was originally published in the Law Institute Journal, as a part of the Leaders in Practice program – a collaboration between SEIVA and the Law Institute of Victoria. Learn more about Leaders in Practice here.

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