We’re business, tax and wealth experts.
Probably not the kind you’re used to.

We love to empower ambitious business owners. And, effect positive change with a balanced perspective of purpose, profits and personal well-being.


We love to empower ambitious business owners. And, effect positive change with a balanced perspective of purpose, profits and personal well-being.

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Even though we excel with numbers, we know profits alone don’t necessarily equate to a happier life. We also know professional goals are often intertwined with personal ones. So, our approach to helping our clients is a holistic one.

So, what does happiness (it*) looklike to you? Maybe it*s more time to work on your business, not in it. Perhaps it*s more cash to fuel your purpose? Or, alleviating the dependancy on you, so you can take that annual family holiday without worry.

Whatever your it* is, our mission
is to help make it* happen.

Here’s how we can help.


Let’s create wealth beyond your business, getting your money to work more. So, you can ultimately work less.

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Empowerment starts with a vision. Then actions to grow, sustain cash and build a unique offering.

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Accounting & Tax

Let us handle the nuts and bolts to create control and clarity in your business. With data that stacks up.

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Talks & Training

To share, is to care. And, we care about making a difference as leaders in our community and industry.

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There are people that live to work.
 And, people that work to live. We work to help people do both, well.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us.

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Robert, Smedley's Engineers

"I have full confidence in your advice and the way you work. Your on-going support enables me to make sound decisions. And, the team are always swift to respond to my needs. Awesome service, thanks guys!"

www.smedleys.coRobert, Smedley's Engineers
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So, let’s chat about what *it is you’re aiming for?
And, take that step forward to being happier.

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Our 28day 'TryPositive' guide is designed to help you think more positively. Influencing you to make better decisions.

We’re a social bunch. With a social conscience to support the well-being of busy business owners.

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Thinking about upgrading to a new Electric Vehicle? From 1 July 2022  some electric cars are exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) which could be saving you or your business up to $9,000 a year. To learn more – head to the link in our bio for a full explainer.
WE'RE HIRING!We're looking for our next Marketing superstar to join our team. If you are a tech savvy, creative Marketing Coordinator – we'd love to hear from you!Click the link in the bio for the full position description and to apply.
The start of the new year can be very inspiring and is full of opportunity just waiting to be unleashed, particularly after the tough last few years. Now is the perfect time to reset and refresh your business for 2023 and beyond.Brent recently spoke to multi-award-winning Managing Principal of Legalite, Marianne Marchesi, to discuss the importance of designing a business that’s tailored to work for you. Head to our link in our bio to read the full article.
CHRISTMAS GIFT DRIVE 2022Throughout the week we have been getting together as a team to buy presents for kids and families less fortunate than ourselves who come through the Salvation Army Crisis Centre in St Kilda. The Salvo's provide food, emergency accomodation and support for those who are struggling. In particular, during the holiday season they help out families put food on the table and provide gifts for children. If you too would like to help out, reach out to your local Salvo's to see how you can support. We’re thrilled be able to help out and spread a bit of Christmas spirit!