Our Story

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We're a team of business specialists and accounting experts. Probably not the kind you're used to.

We do more than balance the books and bank accounts, we help you balance your life.

Because the most important hours aren’t spent at the office, we work with you to develop strategies for personal and business wealth.

We talk to you like a human should talk to a human.

We listen and adapt accordingly.

We roll up our sleeves and become a part of your team.

We work around your lifestyle. Meeting up in person when we can, using Xero to work from the cloud when we can’t.

While you’re doing your thing. We’re doing ours.

Running the numbers, setting up structures and helping you build a strategy that works for you and your *it.

Our team

The faces behind SEIVA; each as expertly brilliant and hardworking as the next.

Brent Szalay

Managing Director / FCPA

The office’s spiritual (and actual) leader. Has more passion for the industry in his pinky finger than most people have for anything. Currently basking the Bulldog’s 2016 success. And will be for the next 62 years.


Darko Balicevic

Director / CA

A true academic, Darko knows the intricacies of the tax system better than anyone. He’s also well versed in the intricacies of Frozen thanks to his two little girls.


Sam Adigrati

Director SEIVA Wealth Management / CFP

Has over sixteen years experience in wealth management and putting on a tie whilst eating vegemite on toast.


Jana Kumaralingam

Client Advisor SEIVA Wealth Management

Wishes his golfing and cricket ability was better. And claims to be a 'long suffering Hawks supporter.' We’re not so sure about that, Buddy. We are sure, though, that Jana has a wealth of knowledge for growing just that; wealth.


Anna Tantau

Senior Manager CPA

When she's not running numbers, she’s running a bush-walking club and finance seminars for women. And when she’s not swinging a tennis bat, Anna's swing dancing. You can probably gather, she’s in a league of her own.


Rod Page

Senior Manager

Who needs a Bob when you’ve got a Rod; our builder of great client relationships and exquisite wooden boats. Handy man to have around. And his experience is certainly second to none.


Sam Harkin

Client Manager / CA

Having mastered the Rubik’s Cube, it’s no wonder he navigates through complex business strategies and advice without breaking a sweat.


Stacey Zuluaga

Client Manager CPA

Stacey believes you can 'have your cake and eat it, too.’ She’s a true master of her craft: from cooking to sewing, to dominating 'mum life,' with a remarkable career. Adored by her family, team and clients alike, somehow, she still manages to support other women with their goals; regularly volunteering at CPA Australia. Step aside Wonder Woman.


Enci Rezaei

Senior Accountant / CA

The mumma bear of SEIVA, Enci is a gun in the office and also an award winning pistol shooter. Just don’t get between her and her cubs.


Nick Bobeff

Senior Accountant / CA

Expert accountant, amateur footballer. Nick thinks he should probably retire from football soon. But probably won’t.


Tim Bartlett

Senior Accountant

Excel-ling is in his nature. You can count on him to achieve your business goals and shape your lifestyle. And he can count on himself, to never (EVER) get hungover. We’re still amazed. Pity he's a Swans supporter.


Chris Pino


Don’t be fooled by his Harley Davidson and CFA uniform; cash flow forecasting is still his number 1 passion.


Claudia Stevenson


Debated becoming a scuba dive instructor but decided accounting was more rewarding. We’re using this as proof that we’re more interesting than fish.


Tim Evans


Our Tim with the tools to tailor numbers, whilst somehow remembering every single capital city there is. No joke! Boy genius.


Natasha Amanatidis

Office Manager

When you Wikipedia organised you’ll see a picture of Natasha. When she’s not keeping us in line she’s practicing her salsa moves.


Jacinta Butcher


Keeps the office afloat. Which makes sense because her spirit animal is a turtle.


Marjorie Sierra Arias


Our Marjorie doesn’t miss a beat. Her weekly Zumba classes ensure we’re active away from our screens. Although that’s where you’ll find her (glued to a screen) when the Peruvian national soccer team is playing. We’re pretty lucky to have her part of our SEIVA family.