Tax savings require planning

Brent Szalay

Money in your pocket is a chance to build wealth. So, let us look at ways to minimise your tax (so you don't pay a dollar more than you should) and maximise your cash.

Tax Planning is an essential process for business owners, as it can save you your hard earned. But, other benefits include:

  • Knowing how much tax you’ll have to pay, up to one year in advance. Which is very handy for planning your cash flow.
  • And, avoiding the stress that comes with unexpected surprised from the ATO.

What’s involved in the process?
We work with you to get all of your accounting records up-to-date, and essentially future-cast your earnings for the year. From there, we’ll have a good idea of the tax you’ll be required to pay, and can then start to strategise some ways we can minimise it.

This year there are some new (and exciting) superannuation regulations we should make the most of. Some of the new reforms are time sensitive, so the more time you give yourself can be the difference between a reduced tax bill or not. And, remember, once 30 June ticks over it may be too late to take advantage of all available opportunities.

Whatever your situation, let’s save you the lengthy (boring) details and save you your hard earned.

Get in touch with us (the sooner the better!).

We’ll organise a time to sit down, get all your accounting records up to date and then put an action plan in place.

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