Specialist Industries

With years of experience working with business owners across various industries, we know sound business decisions need more than just the numbers to stack up. Prosperity requires clarity. And, that clarity comes from a strategic plan.

Specialist Industries
  • Legal Industry

  • Trade Industry

    Prosper with a plan

    Many of our clients, like you, are absolute experts in their trade; Electricians, Plumbers and Builders, alike. We devise a business plan to help you stand out and capitalise on what you do best (with the right team on-board). We manage your financial reports and cashflow, so you business keeps flowing as it should.

  • Professional Services

    Relating to what we do

    Every great business decision starts with a great discussion. So, we always begin by understanding your business and what makes it unique. We capitalise on your strengths and devise a strategy to help you stand out to the right people, for the right reasons. And, then we help you execute your strategy with KPI’s and monthly reporting meetings, to ensure the numbers are stacking up.

Simon, Plant Proof

"It's their care and workplace ethos that separates SEIVA from other accounting firms I've worked with and is no doubt resulting in huge impact, beyond just the numbers."

plantproof.comSimon, Plant Proof
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