Financial Advisory

We do more than balance your books and bank accounts. Because profits made in your business can fuel your personal investment strategy. That thing we call ‘nest egg.’

Financial Advisory
  • Personal Wealth

    Actively invest in your future

    We’ll show you a series of ways to build your wealth and surplus cash. And, then future-cast how you can earn a passive income from your assets, while still achieving your short-term life and lifestyle goals. Like a big holiday once a year or cutting back your working hours.

  • Finance Lending

    Access a loan to fuel your goals

    What do you have in mind…a dream home or dream reno? A first or fifth investment property? Or, perhaps you’re needing extra cash to fuel your business expansion. Be it serious or be it family holiday fun, we look at where you see your life in the future and help find the funding to fuel it.

  • Self-Managed Super

    Control your (asset) destiny

    Flexibility can be a great thing, especially when it comes to managing a ‘do-it-yourself’ superannuation scheme. Except you won’t need to do it yourself. Our friendly team have a wealth of knowledge and are here to guide you to set yourself and your family, up best. If we feel it’s in your best interest.

  • Asset Protection

    Peace of mind

    We help you set personal wealth goals, so we together can achieve them. We also need to understand the risks that might get in the way, so we can mitigate them. Rationally, it’s considered risk management. Emotionally, it’s peace of mind. However you see it, we assure you it’s valuable.

  • Succession Planning

    Future proofing

    Wanting to get your Business and Personal Estate in order? We’ll help you design, implement and monitor a road map that leads to achieving whatever future ?happiness (it*) looks like to you.

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Simon, Plant Proof

"It's their care and workplace ethos that separates SEIVA from other accounting firms I've worked with and is no doubt resulting in huge impact, beyond just the numbers."

plantproof.comSimon, Plant Proof
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