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Meet Emma, the brainy powerhouse with a passion for reading and deadlifts at the gym. Her vibrant energy infuses every moment, and her secret talent for knowing the Greek alphabet adds an intriguing twist to her dynamic personality. As a die-hard Melbourne Demons footy team supporter, she brings unwavering loyalty and spirited cheers to the game.

Her Kiwi accent adds an element of charm to every conversation, and her friends describe her as an absolute sweetheart, always ready to lend a caring ear and brighten up their days. With her positivity and zest for life, Emma is one of the heart and soul of the SEIVA Team!


Meet Allie, the vivacious team player with an insatiable appetite for adventure! Whether she’s lost in captivating crime novels, cheering on her beloved Hawks with infectious enthusiasm, or adding her unique flair to spaces as an amateur interior designer in her first home, Allie’s energy is contagious. Her love for her furry friend Pip and passion for binge-watching addictive TV series adds to her dynamic personality. But what truly sets Allie apart is her caring and supportive nature, always empowering others to shine as brightly as she does. With her contagious cackle laugh and a penchant for turning up the volume on ABBA or Shania Twain, she’ll make any day brighter and turn every moment into an unforgettable adventure!


Nicole is a dynamic team member at SEIVA, with a background in Financial Lines Underwriting that adds valuable expertise. Beyond her professional skills lies a passion for gaming and DIY projects like refurbishing furniture and building computers, Nicole’s vibrant personality shines through her hobbies.

She enjoys weekends with her husband and lovable dog, savouring the simple joys of relaxation. Her friendly and helpful nature fosters strong connections with friends and colleagues, making her a genuine asset to the team. As a dedicated supporter of the AFL’s Richmond Tigers and feeling a connection to the local team, the Doggies, Nicole’s positive outlook and balanced approach to life inspire everyone at SEIVA, making each day delightful and fulfilling!


Meet Kav, the unstoppable force of energy, fun and humour! With a passion for staying active, you’ll often find her sprinting, surfing, or exploring the great outdoors. But that’s not all – Kav is a skilled barista, whipping up mean cups of coffee that’ll leave you craving more!

On Sundays, she loves relaxing bay walks and exploring vibrant markets, you may also find her rooting for her favourite team, the Richmond Tigers. But Kav’s not just about leisure; her powerful work ethic and eagerness to learn shine in any team. With contagious positivity and a guilty pleasure for frozen yogurt and Friends, get ready for exciting escapades and unforgettable journeys with Kav!

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Unleash the power of proactive tax planning

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Top 5 Tips: The Art of Delegation

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Empowering Women in Business: Key Strategies for Success

At the ‘Empowering Women in Business’ event, we discussed practical insights: ATO debt signals cash flow issues; owner withdrawals affect finances. Building the right team is crucial for business growth, with tailored support from advisors like SEIVA for success.

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