Our Why

Some people work to live. Others live to work. We work to effect positive change in the lives of our clients. Because we genuinely care about making them happier. Not just wealthier.

Seiva - Our Why

Our How

We leap over the hurdles that business owners typically face, like: cashflow shortages, stagnant growth and headaches from hiring the wrong people. We see it time and time again and that’s why we know positive change starts with a strategic plan. Establishing a clear vision and purpose. Devising clever tactics to accelerate action and core values to align culture. Sound business decisions need more than just the numbers to stack up.

Our What

We’re business enthusiasts and expert advisors. We’re also industry educators. And, while we excel with numbers, we know we’re in the business of people. And, it’s the people and the opportunity we have to make their lives a little happier, that drives us to work harder than most.

Great advice starts with a great conversation.
So, what it* is you’re aiming for?

Our Team

The friendly faces behind SEIVA. Each as expertly brilliant and hard-working as the next.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Brent Szalay

Managing Director | FCPALinkedIn

The office’s spiritual (and actual) leader. Has more passion for the industry in his pinky finger than most people have for anything. Currently basking the Bulldog’s 2016 success. And will be for the next 62 years.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Darko Balicevic

Director | CALinkedIn

A passionate fisherman and a true academic…Darko’s hooked on the intricacies of the tax system better than anyone. He’s also well versed in the intricacies of Frozen, thanks to his two little girls.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Sam Harkin

Director | CALinkedIn

Having mastered the Rubik’s Cube, it’s no wonder he navigates through complex business strategies and advice without breaking a sweat. Pity he’s a Richmond supporter.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Stacey Zuluaga

Director Tax and Accounting | CPALinkedIn

Step aside Wonder Woman. Stacey’s a true master of her time. From cooking to sewing. To regularly sharing her knowledge at CPA Australia to help other high-achieving Accountants, excel in their careers.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Domenique Vasile

Client Advisor | CALinkedIn

A natural for making sense of numbers, our Dom also makes a regular habit of getting into nature. If she’s not at the beach or out bush, she’s sleighing up the slopes come wintertime.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Natasha Amanatidis

Operations ManagerLinkedIn

When you Wikipedia the word ‘organised’ you’ll see a picture of Tash. When you need a little cheering up, you think of her contagious laughter. When she’s not keeping us in line, she’s practicing her salsa moves.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Sam Adigrati

Director - SEIVA Wealth | CFP LinkedIn

Has over sixteen years experience in wealth strategy and management. And, putting on a tie whilst eating vegemite on toast.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Jana Kumaralingam

Wealth StrategistLinkedIn

Wishes his golf game was wayyy better. And, claims to be a long suffering Hawks supporter (yeah right, buddy!?). Rest assured, Jana has a wealth of knowledge for growing just that; wealth.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Terri Green

People & Culture ManagerLinkedIn
Not only does Terri make our team smile from ear to ear, she makes beautiful earrings as her side hustle. She’s a busy woman with three adorable sons, but come Friday afternoon, there’s a well-deserved Chilli Mojito in her hand.


Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Isabel Lym

Marketing CoordinatorLinkedIn

Our Bel easily punches above her weight, when it comes to problem solving and boxing! She certainly loves to keep active at the gym and she’s always a little busy body behind her Mac screen, making ‘marketing magic’.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Rod Page

Senior Manager | FCA | MBALinkedIn

Who needs a Bob when you’ve got a Rod; our builder of great client relationships and exquisite wooden boats. Handy man to have around. And his experience is certainly second to none.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Nick Bobeff

Senior Accountant | CALinkedIn

Expert accountant, amateur footballer. Nick thinks he should probably retire from football soon. But probably won’t. He also thinks he’ll win this year’s footy tipping comp. And, probably will.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Enci Rezaei

Senior Accountant | CALinkedIn

The mumma bear of SEIVA, Enci is a gun in the office and also an award winning pistol shooter. She’s also Roger Federer’s biggest fan! Even she admits the lipstick is for him.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Chris Pino

Associate Client Advisor | CPA LinkedIn

Don’t be fooled by his Harley Davidson and CFA uniform; cash flow forecasting is still his number 1 passion. Besides leading our team footy tipping. Competitive this one!

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Michael Dendle

Associate Client AdvisorLinkedIn
This nice country boy loves the beach (you’d never know from his slightly pale glow). When not wading waves, Michael opts for his mountain bike or watching his beloved Bombers (we said he’s nice, not perfect).
Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

James Cameron

Associate Client Advisor | CALinkedIn
No, not the film maker. Our James is a pro at serving up slow-cooked Ragu, sided with a glass of South Australian red and The Beatles as background music. Yep, he’s a dream catch!
Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Tegan Krantz

Senior Accountant | CPALinkedIn

Named after a ‘Doctor Who’ character, Tegan is one of the most active Accountants you’ll ever meet. From busting a martial art move, weekly pottery, to rock climbing. No one can slow this special one down.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Tim Evans


Our Tim with the tools to tailor numbers. He’s also our lead guitarist and trivia superstar; somehow remembering every single capital city there is. No joke!

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Charlotte Pearson


With a heart from the country, a passion for baking and a dominator on the dance floor…this woman is a recipe for a genuinely fun time. And, a pleasure to work alongside.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Joshua Flores

Senior AccountantLinkedIn

Josh isn’t just an expert in all things accounting. From drumming, juggling, or speaking Spanish, Josh has more than a few party tricks up his sleeves to keep us entertained in the office!

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Jody Burkinshaw

Accountant LinkedIn

As a fanatic fan of Chocolate ‘Starfish’ and Amy ‘Shark’, can you tell that our Jodes lives by the beachside? Her bubbly personality keeps us beaming, as too, does her Daryl Braithwaite (Horses) – dance rendition.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

John Lajoie-Kyme

Undergraduate AccountantLinkedIn

As a lover of nature, John’s passions extend to more than just nurturing numbers. From mountain biking in the high country to hiking the rainforest, he certainly knows how to keep himself busy and active!

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Emma Kearney

Accountant | CALinkedIn

Emma loves practicing her calligraphy skills and reading romance novels. Well, we were certainly swept off our feet when we met her. We particularly admire her eagerness to learn and help people where she can.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Jacinta Butcher

Client Services CoordinatorLinkedIn

Our J is a massive Queen fan. She’s also the real queen at Calisthenics and Zumba. And, taking on any challenge that comes her way. We’re very lucky to have her part of the family.

Seiva - Our TeamSeiva - Our Team

Samantha Laws

A mermaid from the West Coast, our Sammi is a true sun-seeker and (sadly), a Freo supporter.
She certainly loves her footy. And, we certainly love her glittering smile in the office every day.

So, let’s chat about what *it looks like for you?
And, take that step forward to being happier.