So, What Can We Do For You:

Get To Know You: Discovery Workshop
We start by listening. Over a comprehensive chat,that may or may not involve donuts, we learn about you. Working through the basics and into the complex, to get a better picture of where you’re at and where you want to be.

Cross Your T’s, Dot Your I’s: Accounting and Tax
We make sure you’re on top of all your financials and tax, so you feel in control and on track at all times. More importantly, you’ll have the clarity and freedom to get back to doing what you do best. And should the ‘authorities’ arrive, you know you’ll be safe from nasty surprises.

A Plan For Your Business: Strategy
In our comprehensive Business Workshop, we create a strategy that works for you and your life, personally and professionally. We’ll build a structured framework with tangible steps and key drivers, so you know what your goals are and if you’re on track to achieve them.

Have Your Back: Management Accounting
We become your financial partner, watching over your numbers, and keeping them in line with your strategy. We’ll take away any doubt, so you can have confidence when making decisions, more control over your business and, more importantly, more time to work on it. And if you get lost, our team of experts are available to talk to you at any time. Some might say they’re overzealous about business. We say they’re passionate. And overzealous.

Your Life Easier: Bookkeeping
There are better ways to spend your time than buried in paperwork, numbers and sticky notes. We’ll take control and keep you on top of your paperwork. We streamline your processes, and provide you with the right information and quality data so you can understand your situation and make informed decision that are right for you and your business.

Our services include:

We do more than just business

We protect your personal life and assets, and create goals to support them. In turn, you get to live a life with financial freedom, peace of mind, and the time to enjoy it. Find out more about what SEIVA can do for you and your *it.

*it's Personal...